Explore the rich wildlife of the Nicoya Peninsula

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Tambor Tropical offers exciting proximity to a wide variety of Costa Rican wildlife. Because there are fewer tourists and protected habitats, the Nicoya Peninsula with its farms and diverse forests offers some of the best preserves to encounter animals in the wild. Beyond the two most significant “official” parks, the “unofficial” Tambor Tropical farms and trails are additional alternatives.

Ftuv3rB7dPl3JWOr6RXa0_FAHS2H8fZiPFQQEY-9-JM,QCRvinUP7kDAB-tVyNvq6bD97_-3rkYGsb3d0lgtXew,lXvn9hqYmfTDJWiGrlcgNIbpOkvwtmfftlsz3wGrV-MThe Nicoya Peninsula has diverse habitats from mangrove estuaries to beautiful beaches. These habitats harbor hundreds of bird species, and in many locales, monkeys can  be seen lounging in the trees overhead.

Tambor Tropical is your best base camp for exploring the two most significant parks of the region: Curú Wildlife Reserve and Cabo Blanco National Park.

 is one of the country’s most popular destinations, encompassing 3,143 acres of land. The Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve was the first step in developing the country’s national park system and successful ecotourism industry. Open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., the park has many hiking trails guiding visitors to see animals in the wild.

CURÚ NATIONAL PARK is located about nine miles northeast of Tambor, opposite Tortuga Island on the mainland. The area has mangrove swamps, hills, beaches and forests, and includes more than 115 varieties of birds. Visitors can take trails to explore the grounds and its sandy beach. The area also has great swimming and diving.


The animals in the two parks include:

  • white-faced monkeys
  • howler monkeys
  • spider monkeys
  • scarlet macaws
  • anteaters
  • coatis
  • peccaries
  • squirrels
  • sloths
  • white-tailed deer
  • agoutis
  • raccoons
  • coyotes
  • iguanas
  • parrots
  • trogons
  • brown pelicans
  • frigatebirds
  • boobies

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