A Birders Paradise

At Tambor Tropical, one can just lie by the pristine, blue-tiled pool and spot scarlet macaws in the trees overhead. At the bar, see hummingbirds dart to the feeders stationed around the resort. For bird watchers of all skill and interest levels, Tambor Tropical offers an experience of a lifetime. The area has been developing as Costa Rica’s next premiere bird watching destination and has fostered a vibrant birding culture.

With close to 300 different bird species recorded on and around the property, Tambor Tropical is a bird watcher’s paradise.  You don’t even need to be a birding aficionado to appreciate the variety of birds in this special area.The areas main trail system begins behind the hotel and runs through a diverse set of habitats including mangroves, lagoons, and tropical forest and it is not uncommon to record a species list of over 100 birds in a single morning.  These trails are among the most productive birding trails in Costa Rica and we are constantly making improvements to the trail system.  Now totaling over 7 kilometers in length, including bridges and resting areas in scenic locations along the way, our trail system has evolved to be one of the best on the peninsula.

The Tambor Bay Birding Association organizes and promotes birding tourism in Tambor Bay and if you are interested in incorporting birding into your stay at Tambor Tropical we encourage you to visit the Tambor Bay Birding website for more information and view a gallery of bird species photographed specifically in this area. Since 2013 we have been organizing mulitday birding tours that include all in country expenses with world class guiding services based and complete with trips to the best birding locations in Costa Rica. Tambor Tropical frequently entertains guests from all over the world seeking the finest bird watching on the globe. The Tambor Tropical area, and the nearby Curú Wildlife Reserve and Cabo Blanco National Park, offer some of the best birding on the Nicoya Peninsula in addition to the 850 acre Tambor Tropical Farms. We partner with Rainforest Publications™, a local company that has developed artistically accurate portrayals of country-specific birds and wildlife guides for many countries.  In support of local education, they donate the purchase of their Tambor Wildlife guides from the hotel lobby to Tambor Bay School.