Tambor Bay School: Share a little of yourself

DSC_2714Of Tambor Tropical’s many good works in the community, its owners and staff take the most pride in the success of the nearby, bilingual Tambor Bay School. Not only did the boutique resort help fund the school’s construction and upkeep, Tambor Tropical encourages its guests to stop in and meet the kids and teachers.

xTxNTKI09NZCKBms6Uem4kOLQM-S9ffG8r-70zwhQyQ,1Jy0IcazIN2JYMyopsrRMSjzBK6LarquYVUx4TWVE2IFor many families, the school is a lifesaver. According to Juan Carlos Cruz, Tambor Tropical’s general manager, every village has a school, but just a fraction graduate 12th grade. “Teens here have four options: fishing, farming, tourism or something illegal,” he said. “The dream behind this school is to change lives.”

Volunteering at Tambor Bay School is easy and fun. Many Tambor Tropical guests volunteer to read, share their backgrounds and help the kids practice their English. The students range from age two to 12, and many attend the private school through scholarships. The school’s curriculum has been certified by country standards.


Guest volunteers may be surprised to learn how much English the children already know. In many cases, guests volunteer for about three hours in the morning, working with teachers in different grade levels. The school is just 10 minutes away from the resort and transportation is provided. The school year runs from mid-February to July 1, and resumes from July 16 to November 30. Just let the staff at Tambor Tropical know if you’re interested.


“We want our guests to experience as many aspects of life here as possible, so we invite them to visit the school and share information about their home countries and what they do for a living. This is a small community, and there is a world out there that many of these children long to understand.”

Juan Carlos Cruz, Tambor, C.R.

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