Costa Rica’s Tambor Tropical resort launches adventures and learning on the Nicoya Peninsula

By Richard Read – The Oregonian

Oregonian-Logo3-1024x221Dec 18, 2011 — So I’m sitting beneath coconut trees at Costa Rica’s Tambor Tropical Hotel with a view of a sparkling bay, relearning some old lessons.

First, don’t judge a man by his politics.

It turns out the Oregon owner of this boutique resort, known to me only as Mark before I arrived, is Salem lobbyist Mark Nelson, disparaged by Democrats for his big-business causes. Quietly on the side, Nelson and his wife, Pamela Jones, have not just built this charming Costa Rican property but founded an elementary school nearby where locals get scholarships and resort guests volunteer.


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Best Affordable Beach Resorts 2011

By Stirling Kelso – Travel & Leisure

Tambor Tropicalpress_tlcover – Tambor, Costa Rica (26 of 33)

Mar 10, 2011 — Nicoya Peninsula is known for its uninterrupted beaches, charming villages, and large, family-oriented resorts. Enter Tambor Tropical, an intimate, adults-only hotel with 12 teak-and-mahogany villas. Wraparound windows provide tantalizing views of the Pacific, but the hotel’s biggest draw is its long list of activities, from watersports to voluntourism opportunities.

Cost: $160

Don’t Miss: A six-hour kayaking and snorkeling excursion with Seascape Kayak Tours (; $135).

Real Honeymoon: Carrie & Will in Costa Rica

By Allison Micarelli –


Carrie (Skeen) Reynolds and William Reynolds were married at a destination wedding on December 12 on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. A year later, they took off on a wild getaway adventure.

Honeymoon Details

Since so many of their family and friends traveled so far to witness their island nuptials, Carrie and Will made a wedding week of the festivities and therefore chose to postpone their honeymoon to a more convenient date. One year from the day they were married, they embarked on a nearly three-week excursion to Costa Rica.

Why They Chose It

“We wanted to honeymoon at an exotic place we’ve never been to before,” says Carrie. The warm, tropical climate and an abundance of wildlife and adventure were Costa Rica’s biggest draws. Plus, adds Will, “they have the best fishing.”

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The 50 Best Honeymoon Spots for 2012! Escape to one of these dream destinations and let the world know that you’ve made it official.

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Jan 10, 2012

Most Adventurous: Playa Tambor, Costa Rica (32 of 50)


Why go: Experience the true splendor of nature’s playground (and the resident monkeys) in this area on the Nicoya Peninsula that’s untapped by tourism.

Where to stay: Kick off your hiking boots at Tambor Tropical, an intimate boutique hotel where you can lounge around the mosaic-tiled pool or your suite’s veranda. Grab suite number 8 for the best ocean view (from $160,

What to do: Ride horses to a secluded jungle waterfall. Make like a bird and zip-line over the tree canopy.

A Report from Costa Rica

By Jack King – Goldrush Ledger

goldrushJuly 2013 — A long time friend, and my cabochon student from William Holland School of Lapidary in Young Harris, Ga. Michael Smith, told me of his trips with his wife to the same resort on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica where they had been going for over ten years. My eyes and ears really perked up when he showed me colorful jaspers that he had picked up while walking on the beach in front of the resort.

A Report from Costa Rica - Goldrush Ledger

So, Kathy and I put this location on our bucket list to do. We learned that Michael and his wife, Ruth, are benefactors to a local school there and that the kids loved having visitors to practice their English with. I discussed it with Michael and it was decided that when we went that we would take books on rocks and minerals that were aimed at youth.

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Voluntourism at Tambor Tropical Hotel A vacation with a purpose in Costa Rica

By  –


Kathy Hagood volunteers to teach students at the Tambor Bay School. Tambor Tropical, located on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, offers guests the opportunity to volunteer at the local school.


Jul 10, 2012 — Why did I opt for Tambor Tropical, located on the Pacific Ocean side of Costa Rica? I wanted to visit the boutique resort not only for its secluded bay front setting, luxury accommodations, and eco adventures, but also because it offers a great volunteering opportunity for guests.

The Sansa Airlines charter flight I took over Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula to Tambor Tropical Hotel is just one of the regularly scheduled charter flights between San Jose International Airport and the Tambor airstrip. The flight provided dramatic views of the country’s gorgeous tropical terrain and waterways.

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Tropical bungalows, cultural exchange in Tambor

By Ellen Weathers – Tico Times


Oct 14, 2011 — Travelers seeking a blend of serenity and adventure should consider a visit to Tambor Tropical Resort on the Nicoya Peninsula, a region considered by National Geographic to be one of the world’s healthiest places to live.


Tambor Tropical was built in 1995 after owner Mark Nelson decided to model a hotel after his home. He commissioned a Montezuma-based architect to help, and the result was six two-story bungalows made almost completely of wood.

“The buildings are made of 13 types of wood,” explained hotel manager Juan Carlos Cruz. “It’s mostly teak, which grows really well in this area.”

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Nature shrouds the west coast of Costa Rica

By John Bordsen – Charlotte Observer

Feb 5, 2011 — Juan Carlos Cruz, 37, is manager of Tambor Tropical Resort and Farms, on the west coast of Costa Rica. He was born in San Jose, that country’s capital.

Q. Where is your property, and what does that part of Costa Rica look like?
We’re on the Pacific side, which has two gulfs and two peninsulas. The resort is on the
northern peninsula, Nicoya, on a beachfront that looks at Whale Bay. Our town is called
Tambor, which means “drum” in Spanish, because of the bay: It’s round-shaped, very
enclosed and about 6 miles across. The waves are pretty small but make a lot of sound. You
can hear them echo in the towns and against the hills.

A lovely thing about the bay is that you can sit in the middle of it in a kayak or stand on the
beach at high tide and not see many buildings. There’s infrastructure here – the hotel, a
runway and a couple nearby hotels – but what you see is forest. By law, you can’t build
anything higher than two stories near the coast.

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