Relaxation is the key

Tambor Tropical arranges a spa massage and yoga sessions for its guests upon request. It is a great way to relax and open your world to an activity both invigorating and fun. Our intimate spa building offers:

Ayurveda Yoga Massage — This traditional massage from India starts with a body rub using organic oils and aromatherapy essences to help warm the body. The massage includes acupressure, deep tissue, reflexology, and stretches applied to the body. The session concludes with a deep and relaxing facial massage.

Cn8LyhqILl5cj_AKWfS6l792TInTIwKIlj3xD3jbgdA,TnrdR7m1KegHJKkuo6KFtM9--muBC6ugQV5mGUTqvTcThis massage realigns posture by enhancing the flexibility of the backbones (vertebrae) and joints. It also helps eliminate toxins from the body and expands respiratory capacity. Duration: 90 minutes

Yoga — May be offered in our outdoor studio or on the beach with a welcoming sunrise. Tambor Tropical is a perfect setting to enjoy this ancient practice that optimizes the strength, flexibility and harmony in our being, using tools such as: Anusara Yoga (alignment), Vinyasa Flow (flow yoga), Sufi Yoga (breath of fire + movement), Chinese Medicine (5 elements) and Hara Yoga (strengthening of the abdomen). Duration: 1 hour

Kayoga Tour — Begin the morning with an empowering Yoga session, followed by a relaxing ocean paddle. Duration: Varies Upon Type

The intimate Spa is tucked away in a corner studio with heavy foliage at the edge of the grounds.  The Spa has its own heated Jacuzzi, shower and chirping birds to accompany the massage treatment of your choice.


“We spent 6 nights here and enjoyed every moment. Personnel and atmosphere, attention to detail and care left nothing else to be desired.  We’ll be back!”
Frank Postmin (Canada)

Service Matters Here

Fresh food, ocean breezes and poolside service make staying on property an inviting option.

A Birder's Paradise

Get up close to stunning birds and wildlife species on and around the property. Over 200 species of exotic birds populate the area.

Relax and Enjoy

Put your comfort in our hands while you enjoy a serene, grownup getaway with spacious, air-conditioned suites, attentive service and onsite massage.

A Wealth of Options

New adventures await, whether you enjoy boating, golfing, zip lining, horseback riding or exploring nearby towns.

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