Undoubtedly during the Green or “wet” season of Costa Rica, (typically from August until the end of November), you may see travel websites or travel books advising to wait until peak season, when the weather is likelier to be dry and hot.

However, the rain should not be a deterrent to visiting this beautiful country; in fact, you could argue it’s the best time to come to Costa Rica! You can experience different microclimates, depending on what region you’re visiting and it often only rains for several hours in the afternoon. That still leaves ample time to explore for most of the day.

Here are 3 reasons to visit us during the Green Season:

a) Everything is Green and Lush

After months of consistent rain, all of the trees and vegetation will be sprouting up! Visitors can go all over the country and experience a panorama of towering green forests, as well as flowering plants and shrubs.  Activities such as hiking or zip lining will amplify the beauty of the lush surroundings and you can experience nature at its best.

b) Turtle, Whale and Bird Watching

With all of the plants and trees popping up and providing well-needed habitat, this is bound to attract wildlife as well.

August to November is the perfect time to view spectacular animals and unique species in their natural habitat. Endangered sea turtles come to the beaches to lay their eggs, while humpback whales can often be seen in the warm and shallow waters to give birth to their young. Costa Rica is also home to over 800 species of birds and you can easily view up to 200 species right here in Tambor!

If you’re interested in witnessing the protection of sea turtles and their young, be sure to stop by our hatchery, located right on the Tambor Tropical property.

c) Fewer Crowds and Lower Prices

Lastly, who wouldn’t want to experience paradise with fewer crowds and better prices? Visiting during the Green Season can give you many options, not just for activities and lodging but also with the opportunity to enjoy your visit in peace and quiet.

Don’t delay! Be sure to experience our gorgeous country and all it has to offer during our Green season. We can’t wait to see you.

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