Volunteering with the Tambor Bay Turtles is an unforgettable moment.  We have established one of the most successful  hatcheries in the country with a release of 18,000 (Olive Ridley species season from July 1st through December 15th) baby turtles to date reflecting an 88% average hatch rate success.  Environmental education is provided to local schools and hotel guests.

With close to 300 different bird species recorded on and around the property, you do not need to be an aficionado to appreciate the variety. The Tambor area has fostered a vibrant birding culture and is co-founder of Nicoya Peninsula Birdwatching and Tambor Bay Birding supporting the Christmas Bird Count and the Tambor Bay Valentine Count (for the love of birds)! It is not uncommon to record a species list of over 100 birds in a single morning on the area’s main trail system behind the hotel through the diverse habitats including mangroves, lagoons, and a tropical forest. Now totaling over 7 kilometers in length, including bridges and resting areas in scenic locations, our trail system has evolved to be one of the best on the peninsula.

Since 2013, we have organized multi-day birding tours. All in-country expenses are included with locally based world class guiding services complete with trips to the best birding locations in the country. We partner with Rainforest Publications™, a local company that has developed a series of field guides with artistically accurate portrayals of country-specific birds and wildlife. Supporting local education, the purchase of their Tambor Wildlife Guides in our hotel gallery represents their donation to local environmental projects.

Birding trail destinations include: Panica River Trail, Tambor Farms, Raptor Ridge Experience, Raptor Ridge Lowlands, Cabuya Birdwatching – Rio Lajas and Cabo Blanco Park, Curú Wildlife Reserve Trail System, Pochote Estuary (by boat), Jesus Tree Coastal Trail, and Los Delfines Lagoons (by golf cart).



Birding Packages are planned on an annual basis. Ask us for upcoming dates and please complete the form below if you would like to join us on a birding adventure: Provide Name, Email, Number of People, Message and Special Requests.