Welcome to Tambor Tropical, an unspoiled Costa Rican secret which is almost too good to share! Hidden in the shade of cooling trees, the suites at Tambor Tropical blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings. Built in a design dictated by nature, the boutique hotel is constructed from local hardwoods, with great care to only use materials which are not endangered.

With the Pacific Ocean just mere steps away, visitors can enjoy lazy beach days or relax by the pool whilst listening to the song of the native bird species. Yet however appealing that might be… they would be missing out on a whole lot of fun!

Do you know what a Blue Zone is? Did you know that the Nicoya Peninsula is actually one of those zones? A Blue Zone is the term given to describe an area where the local people live measurably longer lives. And the secret is thought to be associated with a lifestyle which encourages physical activity! Care to get involved?

The Southern Nicoya Peninsula is not only an area of outstanding natural beauty, it is also home to several world class surfing destinations! And with ideal surf for beginners, intermediates and experienced surfers…the only decision you have to make is where to ride…

Playa Los Cedros

This is the ideal spot for beginners or intermediates who are looking to hone their skills away from the madding crowd. The spot relies on a high tide which creates a reefy rocky point break with short waves. Never overly crowded, even at weekends.

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is the most stunning and secluded beach. Whilst many visit the beach for leisure activities, it is also a fabulous spot for surfing. It has a beach break which goes to the left and right from the center. To the north, a break point can be found. Head to the beach around mid tide. Take note that at high tide the beach completely disappears.

Playa Granda

Advanced surfers flock to this beach. The beach break works best in mid and high tides, with swells coming from the south. The beach is stunningly beautiful, although it can be crowded in high season.

La Lora Amarilla

La Lora Amarilla is a highly acclaimed surfing spot in Costa Rica. Surfers can expect A shaped waves which break in both directions at a low tide. When the currents are strong and the tide is high, the waves can reach 150 meters. One of the top five surfing destinations in the country!

Sunset Reef

Sunset Reef attracts many experienced surfers who enjoy the strong swells and ride-able walls.


The beach at Manzanillo is truly heavenly. Its soft white sand attracts the crowds. The waters break to the right and left over a rocky bottom. Handy for those in the area, but an unreliable surf might mean one of the other areas is more suitable.

Tambor Tropical is within easy reach of hot spot surfing destinations, yet quiet enough for relaxation during your downtime. The area is becoming increasingly popular with A-Listers such as Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon (who are often spotted on the nearby shores) so you’re in good company. Come and catch a break in the Nicoya Peninsula, we are waiting to welcome you at Tambor Tropical.