How often have you laid on the beach admiring the waters from afar? Ever felt the urge to get out on the water but never really had the nerve? If so, Paddle Boarding is your sport…

And not only is Paddle Boarding your sport, Costa Rica is the place to do it.

Costa Rica is well renowned for championing the Paddle Board sport and Tambor Bay is the perfect place for beginners, with calm waters and stunning scenery.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, also know as SUP, is a relatively new sport! Due to being relatively easy to learn and the fact that it offers a great work out, the sport has been rapidly increasing in popularity.

Whatever your level of experience, Costa Rica is a great place to get involved with Paddle Boarding. You might be already an experienced surfer and are just looking for a more chilled way to enjoy the water. Or perhaps you want to take time to discover the marine life beneath the clear waters.

And have you heard about Paddle Boarding Yoga? SUP and Yoga are perfect partners because they encourage overall body conditioning and offer a profound spiritual connection via the elements of mother nature.

Tambor Tropical Hotel is privileged to have a team that runs both SUP and Paddle Boarding Yoga.  And you can rest assured you are in safe hands, both instructors are certified by the FSC and have in depth knowledge of the local waters.

Lessons start from directly in front of the hotel, on Tambor Bay. The first session is always focused on safety but even the most nervous beginners are gliding across the water by the end of the first lesson.

Once you are comfortable on the board you might choose to discover the beautiful  green mangroves or the more experienced can take a 2 hour paddle to Playa de los Vivos.

However you choose to get out on the water in Costa Rica, our instructors will ensure you have a safe and fun time. Come today! We are waiting to welcome to you.