We are a couple of months into turtle season and we’ve already collected more than 17 turtle nests! Our program coordinator, Iratxe, has been hard at work, coordinating volunteers, educating the public during turtle releases, leading patrols and much more.

There are scheduled early morning & late evening patrols to look for active nests to retrieve the eggs and bring them back safely to the hatchery. This gives the baby turtles a much higher change of survival, once they are safe from predators or poachers.

Check out the awesome action that’s been happening at the turtle hatchery this summer:

Digging up turtle nest on patrol

Also, if you’d like to learn more about the founders and origins of TAMBOR BAY TURTLES, read our interview in The Costa Rica News. We’re excited about the progress so far this year and can’t wait to see what else the turtles have in store for us! Join us, Adopt-A-Nest or Volunteer to make a difference to the conservation of this amazing species.